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16 Brain Teasers to Promote Lifelong Learning

Brain teasers aren’t just fun. They’re also a great way to keep your mind on its toes…so to speak. And as the Los Angeles Times reports, they can be an effective way to learn how the mind works.

Here are a few puzzles, games, and tests to help you engage your brain.

  1. The Stroop Test
  2. Transformation Puzzles
  3. Fork in the Road
  4. Bulbs
  5. The Lion and the Unicorn
  6. Alien Abduction
  7. The Five-Cups Brain Teaser
  8. How Many Passes?
  9. What Makes this Number Unique — 8,549,176,320?
  10. 100 Perfect Logicians are Sitting in a Room…
  11. Rebus Puzzles
  12. The “Hardest Riddle Ever” Event
  13. Utilities – “The World’s Hardest Brain Teaser”
  14. Johnny and His Three Children
  15. 100 Green-Eyed Dragons
  16. The Firing Squad

Try completing one of these a day for the next several weeks and see how you feel after you’ve completed all 16! 🙂

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